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SCOTT   SPREADERS and others






Leland Loc N Knok  3pk   7.95



MoneySaver Lure Retriver 3oz 2" Orange  7.63

MoneySaver Lure Retriver 3oz 2" Chartreuse   7.63




Kevin VanDam's Line & Lure Line Conditioner 4 FL OZ   8.95





COMAL BOTTOM WALKER -This magical float actually walks the bottom when retrieved with light-slow motion or, if you prefer, drift fish with current or tide. Keep bait visible a foot or more off the bottom. Great for mossy, muddy, trashy bottoms or along oyster reefs. Super for flounder and other bottom feeders.

Comal bottom walker 1pk  2.75


Rapala 4" Bait Knife 4.95


OUT OF STOCK  M&M  3 1/2" Hemostat straight  4.25





Cheap Cyclone clippers  .79


Eagle Claw   jig eye tool  3.78

Anglers choice maxx fish jig eye tool  3.35

Danielson jig eye tool  3.68

Baker jig eye tool 1pk 3.25
  Baker jig eye tool 2pk  5.75



Case plastics wacky tool  5.95

Case O-rings #10 red  25pk  2.15

Case O-rings #10 black   25pk  2.15


Gambler hollow point plastic screw keeper 5pk  3.95



Mr Crappie bullet weight add a hook 10pk 3.95



NO KNOT FAS-SNAPS   Use with hooks & lures, Made of spring steel for strength

Small  3per pack    2.04
Kipper no knot fast snaps medium  5pk   2.04

No knot fast snap Large 5per pack  2.04


Norman speed clips 10pk  2.60 


JB fast snaps large bronze 5pk 1.40
JB fast snaps med bronze 5pk  1.40

JB fast snaps small bronze 5pk  1.40

Drop shot clips   100pk  5.95



Bear paw leader connectors MP2 10-75lb 6pk  3.10


PREMIER THREAD BOBBER STOPS  Each pack has 5 thread stops and 5 beads

Premier Thread bobber stops with beads   1pk  .85


ARNOLDS K&E speed stops   A must for slip float fishing. Passes through open and closed face reels. Wont cut your line. Stays where you put it. 5 speed stops and 5 beads per vial.

Arnolds K&E Speed Stops  5pk  2.05


Arnold speed weaver stops  The new Speed Weaver holds fast and won't damage line. Bright red material makes it easy to see.


Arnold speed weaver stops  5pk  1.75

Style B bobber stops  3 hole 6pk  1.00


K & E Speed bump bobber stop large 5-12lb. 2.25

K & E Speed bump bobber stop medium 4-8lb. 2.25

K & E Speed bump bobber stop small 2-4lb. 2.25



Eagle claw bobber stops 2-4lb 10pk  2.29
Eagle claw bobber stops 4-8lb 10pk 2.29
Eagle claw bobber stops 8-12lb 10pk 2.29


Bulk Rod-n-bobbs bobberstops ROD-N-BOBBS



VMC Sinker stops  black medium  10pk  2.25

VMC Sinker stops  black  large  10pk  2.25



Eagle claw fishing stringers

6' eagle claw fish stringer  .75

9' eagle claw fish stringer  .80

12' eagle claw fish stringer .85

LINDY EVER-LAST STRINGER   Nylon 72" 11 hooks


Lindy ever-last stringer  6.75


Dolphin silent 11-snap stringer 4.95






PENN Precision Reel Grease  2oz tube  5.95




  Abu Garcia ABUOIL Precision Reel Oil, 1 oz   Perfect viscosity to improve overall reel performance. Heat and cold resistant. Protects against corrosion. Perfect for all reel types Reel oil is part of the right series of products to properly service all of your Abu Garcia reels.

Abu Garcia ABUOIL Precision Reel Oil, 1 oz  5.95


Quantum hot sauce reel oil  8.49




RAPALA CERAMIC SHARPENERS  Keep your favorite fillet knife at peak performance with these easy-to-use sharpeners. Two-sided finger grooves and safety edges help protect fingers from the blade. Fixed ceramic sticks keep knives sharp. Perfect on the boat, in the camp or around the home.  Available In Single-Stage And Two-Stage Models.

Rapala single stage knife sharpener 2.25

Rapala two stage knife sharpener 2.75

Hook Hone - Sharpening Stone - Dolphin  Grooved for sharpening hooks.

OUT OF STOCK Hook hone sharpening stone 1.79
Eagle claw hook hone sharpening stone  3.25
Baker small hook filing stone 3.25


RAPALA FISH'N FILLET  Birch handle, classic handle styling, tooled genuine leather sheath and single stage knife sharpener

4" Rapala Fish'n Fillet knife  16.95
6" Rapala Fish'n Fillet knife  19.95 


Rapala BP704SH1 Soft Grip Fillet Knife, 4" Stainless Blade, w/Sharpener & Sheath

Rapala soft grip fillet Knife 4" w sharpener & sheath  15.95

Rapala 6" deluxe Falcon fillet knife  8.95


BPS Gripmaster fillet knife  6"  6.95




Eagle Claw 02161-003 Quick Change Sinker Slide 5Pk  2.15

Eagle Claw LQSS6-5 Lazer Sharp Heavy Duty Saltwater Sinker Slide #6 Duolock 5Pk  2.59

Fin Strike Fish Finder Duo Lock Snap creates a strong connection with any sinker. This style will never open up on you while fishing. The loop is big enough to fit on all bank sinkers or pyramid sinkers. This slide is better when using monofilament line.

Fin Strike Fish Finder Duo Lock Snap  3pk  1.95




Eagle Claw bait pucks  A 2-pk. of 3" Bait Pucks. One in chartreuse and one in fluorescent orange

OUT OF STOCK Eagle claw bait pucks small  2pk  4.95



Strikemaster bait puck Tired of crushing your wax worms Having the plastic cap blow away Having them freeze while you're out on the ice StrikeMaster's Bait Puck solves all those problems.

Strikemaster bait puck yellow 3" small yellow 1pk  3.95




Clam bait puck  blue small 3"  1pk  4.50



StrikeMaster BP-2 Bait Puck  Large-Keeps bait lively and fresh under all conditions. For winter use with wax worm, mouses, euro-larvae for for summer use with leeches and crawlers. Insulated, easy open, crush proof and refrigerator safe.

StrikeMaster bait puck large 1pk  6.95




WORM GLO - Turns live worms chartreuse, increases size of worms, makes live worms more active, extends life of worms,


Worm glo chartreuse 6oz  13.95




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