BERKLEY ATOMIC FRY  1 rigged and 7spares per pack. Pre-rigged and ready to fish, the Atomic Fry resembles small darting fish fry. Ideal for crappie, panfish and trout, this soft bait can be used year round, even on the ice!


Berkley atomic fry 3/4" 1/80oz glo white  3.29

Berkley atomic fry 1.5" 1/32oz bubblegum 3.29


BERKLEY ATOMIC WISHBONE  1 rigged and 7 spares. Shape mimics small aquatic insects and features high action tails. The unique “wishbone” tail design will generate continuous movement attracting all fish. Loaded with PowerBait® scent and flavor.


Berkley atomic wishbone 3/4" 1/80 clear silver flk  3.29


Berkley atomic wishbone 3/4" 1/80  glow white  3.29



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