Team Catfish  Super J Hook,  Offset, Black Nickel- Designed with a huge gap between the point and shank. The offset head allows for easy snelling. The Super J's high carbon content and black nickel finish ensure the hooks are wickedly sharp and stay that way.

Team Catfish TC91Z-4/0  black 4/0 super J hook  3pk  2.95

Team Catfish TC91Z-6/0  black 6/0 super J hook  3pk  2.95

Team Catfish TC91Z-8/0  black 8/0 super J hook  2pk  2.95

Team Catfish Jack Hammer J-Wide Hook,  Needle Point, Standard Wire, Offset, Live Bait, Ringed Eye, Black Nickel- A great all purpose hook for live, cut, and manufactured bait. Needle sharp and super strong, they allow you to set the hook anyway you want.

Team Catfish TC73Z-4/0 Jack hammer J- wide hook  4/0  5pk  3.15

Team Catfish TC73Z-6/0 Jack hammer J- wide hook  6/0  4pk  3.15


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