Bass and walleye lures - Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad- The Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad CD15  2 7/8"  7/16oz  has a specially engineered tie-point for added strength and performance on a strong bill designed for high speed trolling or casting. In addition, this fishing lure features strong #4 bronze extra-sharp hooks and strong stainless steel split rings. Crank to 8', troll to 12'.

CD14 - Grappler Shad, Jr.- 2 7/16"  1/4oz crank to 5-6 ft  trolling depth 8-10 ft

CD15 Grappler Shad 2 7/8"  7/16oz  Crank to 8', troll to 12'


These are just about gone  and I cannot get any more


Cordell Grappler Shad 2 7/8"  7/16oz CD15424 Crawfish  3.95


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