I can no longer get Gudebrod products   once these are gone thats it!


GUDEBROD FLY TYING THREAD   Matched to the Gary Borger color system


Gudebrod 3/0 orange tying thread  225yds  1.49






Save Time by eliminating the need to dub hair onto thread. Unique EZ-DUB is a mult-stranded material in 9 blended Borger color system colors, plus black and white. Select from large and small sizes to craft the perfect fly every time .... the easy way.

white small   10yds    2.15

                                 ELECTRA METALLIC  HOLOGRAM BRAID

This highly reflective metallic braid radiates a brilliant array of light. Our many Holographic colors are sure to meet any need.

Lilac hologram  10yds  2.50



The brilliance of this thread will give the ultimate luster and sparkle to any fly design. size A is .007inch diameter and size D is .0104inch in diameter.


copper  size A  100yds  2.95

green  size A  2.95

Electric  blue  size d   100yds  2.95

Fuchsia  size d   100yds   2.95





Possibly the strongest thread for its size in existence Kevlar has  proven to be one of the best jig and lure tying threads, due to the extremely low stretch (less the 2%) and fine diameter. Our jig wrapping kevlar thread is size 3/0 with the strength of D nylon. Kevlar is a flat non-twisted thread with a diameter of .0035 and a tensile strength of 8 lbs.

orange 3/0 50yds. 2.25



A super brilliant fluorescent dyed nylon thread. Recommended for bucktail jig tying and lure wrapping. Neon colors remain highly visible and glowing in deeper, murky water. This series of neon colors is  not recommended for rod winding thread. Prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight will accelerate fading.

size A glowing green 100yds  1.95



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