For bass and pike adding a white pork-rind trailer or chunk gives added wiggle.In freshwater, cast the lure across a surface weedbed and crank quickly with the rod tip held high so the lure skips and burbles along the weed tops. When it reaches an open-water pocket, begin a darting, subsurface retrieve. It will drive bass hiding in the cover nuts.


Johnson silver minnow  1/4oz 2" silver  3.95

Johnson silver minnow  1/2oz 2 1/2" silver 4.25

Johnson silver minnow 1/8oz 1 3/4" gold  3.95

Johnson silver minnow 1/4oz 2" gold  3.95

Johnson silver minnow  1/2oz 2 1/2" gold  4.25

Johnson silver minnow 1/2oz 2 1/2" firetiger  4.25


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