FIRE TAILS  This 5 1/2" worm is a unique combination of colors.Fantastic! For early morning and overcast day. Made with three # 6 mustad hooks,Hand tired-hand sewn 17 lb.test inside leader. In five exciting bass color combinations,With built in fish catching scent "anise plus".


Purple fire tail   2.29


Black  fire tail   2.29


Black chartreuse fire tail  1.69


orange chartreuse fire tail  2.30


purple/yellow fire tail  2.32

PIER BOY SPECIAL  Tail end hooking power!  This natural 5 1/2" life-like worm draws fish from all directions! Made with three # 6 mustad hooks, hand tied-hand sewn 17 lb test inside leader, tail end stinger hook makes it possible to catch a variety of panfish while fishing for bass. Made in six of natures natural colors with built in fish catching scent  "anise plus"

Peachie natural pier boy  2.30

Red swamp berry  pier boy 2.32

Blackberry black pier boy 2.07

Neutral clear tail pier boy 2.32

Kellys Orchid petal pier boy 2.32

Kellys Purple wild grape pier boy  2.32



Kellys striper black white  2.29



Kellys striper wine white  2.29


Kellys striper chartreuse black  2.29


Kellys striper red white  2.29

Kellys striper black yellow  2.30


Kellys striper purple white  2.29




Kellys striper yellow black  1.89





Kellys Reveille Jr. catalpa   2pk    2.55


Kellys Reveille Jr. red  2pk  2.29


Kellys Reveille Jr. white  2pk  2.55



K&E 3"Rival worm  purple/red tail 2pk 2.95

K&E 3"Rival worm  purple 2pk 2.89

K&E 3"Rival worm natural  2pk 2.89

K&E 3"Rival worm black  2pk 2.75

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