Lindy Thill nite brite lighted float 4"x 3/4"  6.47

Lindy Thill nite brite lighted float  5"x 1"  6.47
Lindy replacement battery red  3.59

Lindy replacement battery green  3.59

Lindy replacement battery  yellow 3.59


Lindy's Nite Brite battery-light system, so popular among Nite Brite lighted slip-float devotees, is a new option in our Little Joe Pole Float line. Catfish hunters and others who pursue big nocturnal species with big bait will appreciate this marriage of our premium balsa Pole Floats to E. L. light technology. This union has produced Pole Floats that glow 20 times brighter and twice as long-lasting as most conventional lighted bobbers.1 float and battery/light per card

Lindy nite brite 6"pole float LFW006  8.50

Lindy nite brite 8"pole float LFW008  9.29
Lindy nite brite 10"pole float LFW010  9.50 


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