Lindy Fishing Tackle's revolutionary Glow Spoon gives ice anglers a new weapon for attracting fish and triggering strikes. Replaceable glow sticks to light up the plastic spoon, which radiates the light in the color of the spoon. The unique shape imparts a swimming action on the drop, while tungsten rattles call in gamefish from distance.


Lindy LGS201 Glow Spoon 1/16oz Red Scale   5.75





Lindy LGS305 Glow Spoon 1/8oz  rainbow  5.75



Lindy LGS303 Glow Spoon 1/8oz Pink Scale  5.75



Lindy LGS308 Glow Spoon 1/8oz Gold Scale  5.75

Lindy LGS408 Glow Spoon 1/4oz Gold Scale  5.75


Lindy LGS311 Glow Spoon 1/8oz Emerald  5.75

Lindy LGS411 Glow Spoon 1/4oz Emerald  5.75


Lindy LGS404 Glow Spoon 1/4oz Blue Scale  5.75



Lindy LGS406 Glow Spoon 1/4oz Golden Perch  5.75



Lindy LGS409 Glow Spoon 1/4oz Porchlight   5.75



Lindy LGS410 Glow Spoon 1/4oz Chartreuse Scale   5.75




Lindy LGSS304 Glow Spoon Glow Sticks-Chartreuse   1.99



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