Invincible Marine  Drift Anchor

Invincible Marine drift anchor 24"  for boats up to 18ft  19.95



Heavy duty oarlock sockets  Its the original heavy-duty oarlock socket with a unique angle bracket design for extra strength and durability. They're perfect for replacement oarlock sockets or for add-ons on most boats. ( Note these oar sockets are not flush mounts they have a 90degree bend on top as shown in the picture)

Stearns heavy duty oarlock sockets for 1/2" oar locks   6.99  



ATTWOOD OARLOCK SOCKETS  Side-mounting oarlock socket accepts 9140,9140B. or any 1/2" dia. shank. Delrin brushing for silent operation. dri- touch dipped zamak, 4 pre-drilled holes for #10 screws.

Attwood oarlock sockets 2pk  8.95


ATTWOOD PORTABLE C-CLAMP STERN LIGHT   Can be mounted in any of 3 positions, Requires 2 D cell batteries (not included) For use on craft less then 7 meters in length with a maximum speed of 7 knots.

Attwood portable c-clamp stern light 16.90 







The Big Jon Mini Otter In-Line Planer Board takes your line and lure out to the side of your boat, so you cover a wider area of water. The Otter In-Line Planer Board attaches directly to your fishing line, eliminating the need for a mast system.

The Mini Otter release pops off when fish strikes, so you don't fight the planer and these boards can be used on either the right or left sides of the boat.

The body of the Big Jon Mini Otter In-Line Planer Board features a hi-vis fluorescent yellow color and is constructed of durable plastic for many years of use. The Mini Otter measures 5" long and 1 7/8" tall and is Big Jon model OTT216.

Big Jon mini otter In-line planer board  13.75


MINN KOTA PROP NUT KITS Easy-to-use kit that allows for fast removal/replacement of prop. Available in three different sizes to fit Minn KotaŽ prop dimensions (3/8", 1/2" and 5/16") Includes prop nut and washer. Requires a crescent wrench for installation.

MINN KOTA PROP NUT KIT MKP-9 (3/8") A   fits props mkp-2, mkp-6, mkp-32, kp-3, kp-7  8.99

MINN KOTA PROP NUT KIT MKP-10 (1/2") B   fits props mkp-8, mkp-4  8.99

MINN KOTA PROP NUT KIT MKP-11 (5/16") C     8.99


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