Mixed bag of fox fur in small pieces, your getting different kinds of fox fur here, all natural  no dyed  there is some white but mostly brown colored


Mixed bag Fox fur 4 x 6" bag   1.50



RED FOX FUR   Comes in a 3 x 4" bag

Red fox fur    .95



Arctic fox fur 3x5" bag  1.95



Blue fox  3X5 bag  .95



ELK FUR   Comes in small 3x4 bag as shown in the picture  or a larger piece  4  times bigger


Elk fur .95


Elk fur  large bag   2.50



COYOTE  LIGHT OR DARK  This coyote fur you can either get dark or light,

Coyote fur dark   .95

Coyote fur light  .95






OUT OF STOCK Opossum fur    .95

Opossum face  .50




Raccoon fur 4 x 6" bag full   1.25

Raccoon scrape fur sandwich bag full  1.95





MUSKRAT  You can get  the belly or the back. Your getting about 6 or 8 square inches in a poly bag.

Muskrat belly      .95

Muskrat  back   .95


Muskrat scrap  This is a pelt that has the good piece cut out, you getting what is left from the garment manufacturer. Comes in a 6 x 4" bag.

Muskrat scrap 2.25


RABBIT FUR   This pic here shows the size of piece that you are getting, I laid a quarted down in the center  so that you could tell,pieces could be any shape as shown in the pic.Then I stuff them in a 3X4 bag as shown at the top,each bag contains 1 piece.


Rabbit fur  White color 3x4 bag    .60


Rabbit fur gray   1 piece .60



Rabbit fur brown  1 piece  .60





Rabbit pelts white These are #3 damaged grades could be damaged some where or a bald spot




RABBIT SCRAP FUR  Your getting a sandwich bag full

White  2.50



COYOTE SCRAP FUR  Your getting a sandwich bag full, could be light or dark or both.

Coyote fur  2.50
Coyote fur  4x 6" bag   .95



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