These slender mini floats detect the slightest bites. Match them with very light shot and plain hook, or with a tiny jig, so that only a portion of the red tip pokes above the surface. Line is fixed at top and bottom with a small sleeve.

Thill MSB2  Miny shy bite size 2  2"  2pk   2.43

Thill MSB3  Miny shy bite size 3  2 1/2"  2pk   2.43

Thill MSB4  Miny shy bite size 4  3 1/8"  2pk   2.43

High quality and super sensitive. Our most preferred versatile float for fishing shallow 4" to 6' depths. Rig the Mini-Stealth as a slip float, fixed float, or waggler-style with lead shot.

Thill IM003 Gold Medal Supreme Mini-Stealth #3 1Cd  2.68


Thill slip float 3.25"x 1"  PS105   2.80
Thill slip float 3.8"x5/8" PS110   2.80

Thill slip float 4.5"x 7/8"  PS120  2.80

The Thill® Crappie Cork features a line-friendly insert designed to grab the bobber stop without the need for a bead. The ideal weight is printed right on the float to eliminate guesswork. Built with a bobber stop on the stem, the Thill Crappie Cork can be used as a slip or fixed float.

Thill  crappie float 1/16 oz  CC010  3-3/4"   2.80

Thill  crappie float  1/8 oz  CC015   3-3/4"  2.80

Thill  crappie float  1/4 oz  CC020   4"  2.80

Thill  crappie float  3/8 oz  CC025   4"  2.80

Thill weighted spring float  3/4" oval  2-3/4"  2.10



Thill night'N day glow float 1/2" pencil  5" long  2pk  3.50

Thill night'N day glow float 3/8" pencil  5" long  2pk  3.50

Thill night'N day glow float 3/4" oval  5" long  2pk  3.50

Thill night'N day glow float  7/8" oval  5" long  2pk  3.59


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