Colorful and extremely lifelike, CrawdadZ are the go-to craw bait serious fishermen consistently turn to in the clutch. Durable and buoyant, they're engineered with a built-in hook slot that aids in weedless rigging while still maximizing anglers' ability to achieve rock-solid hooksets.

  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction makes this the most durable craw on the market
  • Claws float up in natural defensive posture at rest due to buoyant material
  • Can be Texas rigged, fished as a jig trailer, or rigged on a Shaky® HeadZ™
  • For a unique and extremely lifelike presentation, try rigging weedless on a 3/0 Gamaktsu® Weighted Superline EWG hook
  • 4-inch overall length
  • 6 baits per pack

    Zman crawdadz 4" black blue  6pk  3.95


    Zman crawdadz 4" green pumpkin orange   6pk  3.95


    Zman crawdadz 4" brown orange/orange PK6   6pk  3.95


    Zman crawdadz 4" watermelon chart    6pk  3.95



    Zman crawdadz 4"  green pumpkin  6pk  3.95



    Zman crawdadz 4" watermelon red   6pk  3.95



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