1 inch twister tail grubs



1 inch twister tail grubs  In the picture you see a rule, this is so that you can better tell the size of these tails. These small tails are great in the  spring when crappie are not hitting on anything else. Bluegills like them all year long. I've caught alot of panfish off of this tail, I like to rig them with a 1/64oz ball head  with a #8 hook, then I tip that with a wax worm. Also on the jig heads  I sell 1/80, 1/64.1/32 and 1/16oz all with a number 8 hook  I have them for all kinds of conditions.

NOTE  These are suppose to all be 1" twister tails, but for some reason  the company where I been getting them from have made them a little bigger   so I am posting them as 1 1/8" on the bigger ones



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