The Rib Snake may look like a straight tail "do-nothing" worm but it has a lot more to offer. Rig the Rib Snake Texas style and you will notice how the bait has more action when it hits the bottom. The unique design allows the bait to "fold up" better which means more movement when it's jogged along the bottom. Fished on a weightless hook, it becomes a jerkshad with tantalizing action. Even better when rigged on a weighted wide gap hook, it swims like a prey fish all the way to the bottom. One of the most versatile baits PowerBait has ever made. The added rib section creates loads of surface area which greatly increases the amount of proven PowerBait scent and flavor to get into the water.



Berkley powerbait 5.5" rib snake  watermelon  8pk  4.50

Berkley powerbait 5.5" rib snake  plum  8pk  4.50

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