ZAKK ROYCE DRAG WEIGHTS - Made 1 by 1  in upper east TN to the specifications of the man Zakk Royce himself.


HTTZRDW-1.5-3 Zakk Royce drag weights 1.5oz  3pk   5.95

HTTZRDW-2-3 Zakk Royce drag weights 2oz  3pk   6.95

HTTZRDW-3-3 Zakk Royce drag weights 3oz  3pk   8.95

HTTZRDW-4-3 Zakk Royce drag weights 4oz  3pk   11.95



Catfish anglers rejoice! Finally, a drift fishing or snagless sinker designed with you in mind. We have tested these sinkers in places where no sinker should go, they work! We have built them with a super slick slide on the top to run your line through, so all those soft bites will be detected making hook up's easier. The flexible design creeps and crawls over just about anything!

Team Catfish SOS 1 Smooth Operator Snagless Sinkers 1oz 3Pk  4.50
Team Catfish SOS 1.5 Smooth Operator Snagless Sinkers 1 1/2oz 3Pk  4.50

Team Catfish SOS 2 Smooth Operator Snagless Sinkers 2oz 2Pk  4.50

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