Wapsi dyed kiptail orange 3.95


Wapsi calf tail 103 pink  3.95


Wapsi calf tail 510 fl pink  3.95


Wapsi kiptail purple 3.75

Wapsi dyed calf tail  tan  3.75
Mad river calf tail  tan   3.25

Wapsi dyed calf tail pearl gray  3.95


Wapsi dyed kiptail shad gray  3.95


Wapsi kiptail yellow 3.95


Wapsi kiptail  brown  3.75



Wapsi kiptail fl yellow  3.95

Wapsi kiptail fl blue 3.95


Wapsi calf tail fl chartreuse  3.95

Wapsi calf tail fl green  3.95


Dyed kiptail mint green  2.95

Mad river calf tail fuschia  3.25
Calf tail fl. fuschia small 5-6"  1.95  

Wapsi kip tail olive  3.75
Mad river calf tail olive 3.25


Dyed kiptail rust  2.95



calf tail  natural  2.99

Wapsi kiptail white  3.95
Wapsi kiptail fl white  3.95


Wapsi calf  tail root beer  3.75

Wapsi calf tail blue  3.75


Dyed calf tail dark raspberry  2.95
  calf tail green olive  small 7-8"  2.40 

calf tail natural brown  2.95


Wapsi dyed calf tail green  3.95


Dyed calf tail  dark lilac  2.95

Wapsi calf tail  flo. red  3.95



Wapsi calf tail  black  3.95



Dyed kip tail hawkeye gold  2.95


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