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ROOSTER SADDLES   LOOSE  These are dyed from white 3-6 inch saddles, and come in 1/5oz packs, 4x6 inch bag, should be close to 90-100 feathers per pack.




OUT OF STOCK Rooster saddles loose 3-6" fluorescent chartreuse  1.25




OUT OF STOCK Rooster saddles loose 3-6" hot orange  1.25



Rooster saddles loose 3-6" blue dun  1.25



OUT OF STOCK Rooster saddles loose 3-6" pink  1.25



The color is off on this one, the color that you getting is more purple

OUT OF STOCK Rooster saddles loose 3-6" dark lilac  1.25



Rooster saddles loose 3-6" black  1.25



OUT OF STOCK Rooster saddles loose 3-6" kelly green  1.25



Rooster saddles loose 3-6" white (not shown)  1.25





MARABOU FEATHERS   These feathers are imported, Most feathers average 3-4 inches long and are packed in a 3x4 inch bag.     More bulk marabou on the next page

Marabou orange  1pack .99

Marabou purple  1 pack .99

OUT OF STOCK Marabou yellow  1pack .99

Marabou red ( is really a real dark pink)   1pack .99

OUT OF STOCK  Marabou pink 1pack .99


Wapsi mini marabou  This smaller marabou comes from chickens and is also know as chickabou ideal fro smaller flies and jigs


Wapsi mini marabou white 2.95

Wapsi mini marabou orange 2.95

Wapsi mini marabou tan 2.95

Wapsi mini marabou brown 2.95

Wapsi mini marabou  red 2.95
Wapsi mini marabou yellow  2.95

Wapsi mini marabou  purple 2.95

Wapsi mini marabou black 2.95

Wapsi mini marabou shad gray 2.95

Wapsi mini marabou fl chartreuse 2.95


WAPSI STRUNG MARABOU - The blood quill or Strung Marabou is Wapsi's  best selling marabou. This feather is a great all around marabou for trout, bass, & saltwater flies. 1/4oz feathers are 3 1/2" to 4 1/2"

Wapsi strung marabou fl. chartreuse  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou  white  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou cream  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou tan  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou ginger  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou root beer  3.50
Wapsi strung marabou  pearl gray  3.50
Wapsi strung marabou  purple  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou shad gray  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou pink  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou fl. pink  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou fl. cerise  3.50
Wapsi strung marabou fl blue 3.50

Wapsi strung marabou  fl fire orange  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou  fl green  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou  fl red  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou  Black  3.50
Wapsi strung marabou  wine  3.50

Wapsi strung marabou  burnt orange 3.50

Wapsi strung marabou  Rusty brown  3.50


WAPSI GRIZZLY MARABOU   This small grizzly chicken marabou is also know as grizzly chickabou

Wapsi grizzly marabou natural  3.25
Wapsi grizzly marabou burnt orange  3.35

Wapsi grizzly marabou tan  3.35

Wapsi grizzly marabou brown  3.35
Wapsi grizzly marabou olive  3.95
Wapsi grizzly marabou sand  3.25 

Rooster plumage grizzley saddle/plumage/schlappen  3x4bag  1/5 oz   1.25


Cascade crest tools Extra Select strung marabou  a true 4 to 5 inch in length double stitch and double strung  3/8oz package

Cascade Strung  marabou dark olive  2.95

Cascade Strung  marabou lime  2.95
OUT OF STOCK Cascade Strung  marabou  chartreuse  2.95
Cascade Strung  marabou  orange  2.95

Cascade Strung  marabou  pink  2.95
Cascade Strung  marabou  turquiose  3.25
Cascade Strung  marabou  dun  2.95

Cascade Strung  marabou  dark brown  2.95
OUT OF STOCK  Cascade Strung  marabou  white  3.25

OUT OF STOCK Cascade Strung  marabou black  3.25

 Cascade Strung  marabou red  2.95


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