Eagle claw EC585 balsa spring floats, These are pencil shaped 5/8" X 6"

EC585 each  .95
EC585 2pk 1.75

EC585 4pk  2.95


Eagle claw EC320 balsa spring floats, these are cylinder shaped 1/2" X 6"

EC320 each .95
EC320 2pk 1.75

EC320 4pk  2.95


Eagle claw EC583 balsa spring floats these are oval shape 3/4"X 6"

EC583  each .95
EC583 2pk 1.75

EC583 4pk 2.95

Eagle claw EC488 balsa spring floats these oval shape 7/8" X 6"

EC488 each .95

EC488 2pk 1.75

EC488 4pk 2.95


BPS weighted spring float 3/4" x 3" oval  6pk 7.95



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