TERRA ROYAL COACHMAN TOOL KIT  8pc tool set with a stay put vise in an attractive wooden box.


Terra Royal Coachman tool kit  27.95





Terra  8191 rotary vise  35.00



Cheap Fly tying vise  3.95



AA IMPORT VISE ( Cascade crest tool)  A good starter vise. Simple cam lever and C clamp.

AA Import vise cascade crest tool   14.60
Wapsi AA Import vise regular  14.95

Hair stacker  3.95

Terra Hex hair stacker small  3.75

Terra Hex hair stacker large  4.25



Small whip finisher 4" long  .99
Wapsi T08552 Terra whip finisher small 3.50

Large whip finisher  6 1/2" long  1.50

Wapsi  T08551 Terra whip finisher large 3.50


Master whip finisher 1.50




Terra T08562 whip finisher roatating  3.95


Wapsi T08562X Terra whip finisher extended reach.  3.50

Wapsi T08563 Terra whip finisher finesse  3.50

Wapsi T08501 Terra whip finisher springo  3.75


Tweezers  curved   .95

Tweezers straight   .95



Terra Scissors economy  3"  3.25

Terra Scissors economy  3.5" 3.50

Terra Scissors economy 4" 3.95

Scissors 3 1/2 "  2.95



TERRA  The Standard w/ H.D. Tube model is great for holding larger denier thread. The larger tube is also easy to clean out excess thread wax build-up. The larger size of this bobbin is also well suited for larger hands.

Terra bobbin standard straight H.D. tube  2.75


Terra bobbin flared   2.75

Terra  bobbin large 3.25

OUT OF STOCK  Curved handle Stainless steal bobbin 4 1/2" long  3.25




  Terra Flared stainless steel bobbin  4 1/2" long  3.25



Terra bobbin large  3.75


Terra Deluxe Ceramic Tip  bobbin  5.95



Deluxe Bobbin threader  2.80


Bobbin threader  1.95



Hackle Pliers midget 2.25

Hackle pliers size 1   2.25

Hackle pliers size 2  2.25

Hackle pliers size 3  2.25

Hackle pliers size 4  2.25



Terra English Hackle pliers large long nose 2.50


Terra English Hackle pliers med. long nose 2.50


Terra English Hackle pliers large rubber tip  2.50


Terra English Hackle pliers large short nose 2.50


Terra English Hackle pliers med. short nose 2.50


Terra English Hackle pliers Midge short nose 2.50


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