Wapsi fly head cement water base 4.25



SOFT BODY FROM LARVA LACE  Water based environmentally friendly, non-toxic plastic resin available in two formulas, thick and thin. Soft body is tough, durable and crystal clear. You can replace highly toxic epoxy and solvent based coatings in many applications with soft body. This is simple. one part, user friendly, body coating and head cement.

Soft Body cement red label thick  2oz  4.50

 OUT OF STOCK Soft Body cement blue label thin 2oz   4.50


FLEX-LOC HEAD CEMENT FROM LARVA LACE  Flex-loc head cement is specially formulated fro synthetic materials. The capillary action allows for the cement to soak into the thread for a solid set. It dries quickly, but stays flexible. Absolutely the finest feather dressing on the market today, plus it can be used on knots for extra line security.

OUT OF STOCK Flex-loc head cement 1oz bottle  4.50




Bug bond original  formula  18.95
UV Led flash light  9.95 


DANVILLE LEAD comes on a wooden spool 3 sizes buy 1spool or a box of 12 spools

Danville #1 .015 fine lead wire 1spool  1.50

Danville #1 .015 fine lead wire  box of 12 spools  13.95

Danville #2 .020 medium lead wire 1spool  1.95

Danville #2 .020 medium lead wire box of 12 spools  17.95

Danville #3 .030 large lead wire  1spool 2.50

Danville #3 .030 large lead wire box of 12 spools  22.95


Wapsi Applicator Bottle 1/2oz  with gasket liner stays clog free with pin/cap

Wapsi applicator bottler  3.75



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