"Plankton Series" Panfish Lures

ISG has entered the panfish market with the introduction of these unique soft plastics. As depicted by their product names, each lure represents micro-organisms in the water all panfish feed upon, especially in the winter. These lures were field tested through the ice during the 2000-2001 season and in most cases out-fished even live bait.

Each lure is impregnated with ISG’s proprietary Saline solution that gives them a salty, life-like taste panfish can not resist. They are designed to be fished on any small ice-jig or plain hook, just like live bait.

Each product type is available in 10 proven fish-catching colors and packaged in reusable 2" W x 2" H zip lock bags.







Amoeba is 1" long packaged 10 amoebas per pak (bodies only)

ISG Amoebas orange 10ct 1.19

ISG Amoebas green 10ct 1.19

ISG Amoebas red  10ct 1.19

ISG Amoebas motor oil 10ct 1.19

ISG Amoebas glow 10ct 1.19


Micro Amoebas

Micro- Amoeba is 13/16" long, packaged 18 micro amoebos per pack (3 strings of 6) (bodies only)

ISG Micro-amoeba fluorescent pink 18ct 1.19

ISG Micro-amoeba orange 18ct 1.19

ISG Micro-amoeba green 18ct 1.19

ISG Micro-amoeba black 18ct 1.19

ISG Micro-amoeba motor oil 18ct 1.19

ISG Micro-amoeba glow 18ct 1.19

ISG Micro-amoeba  pearlscent chartreuse 18ct 1.19



Copepod is 7/8" long, packaged 6 copepods per pack (bodies only)

ISG Copepod orange 6ct 1.19

ISG Copepod green 6ct 1.19

ISG Copepod  pearlscent chartreuse 6ct 1.19


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