1.5" BI-COLOR HUSTLERS  This cousin to the Lit'l hustler has "top" and "bottom" colors instead of the head and tail feature of the original hustler.



Black shad  10pk  1.75

Black shad  25pk  3.95

 Bi-color lit'l hustler black shad  50pk 7.50

  Orange/Chartreuse  10pk  1.75

Orange/Chartreuse  25pk  3.95

Bi-color lit'l hustler orange/chartreuse  50pk  7.50 


Electric Fire  10pk  1.75

Electric fire   25pk   3.95

Bi-color lit'l hustler Electric fire   50pk  7.50 

Red shad  10pk  1.75

Red shad  25pk  3.95

Bi-color lit'l hustler red shad  50pk  7.50 

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